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Cosen AH-250H Fully Automatic Bandsaw

  • Quality Taiwanese manufacturing
  • Fully automatic bandsaw
  • Full stroking hydraulic shuttle vices
  • Precision feed pressure & feed rate dual valve system
  • Hydraulic blade tensioning
  • Infinitely variable blade speed
  • Power driven brush and flood coolant for blade cleaning
  • Included accessories by Scott Machinery
  • Hydraulic chip conveyor
  • 2m Heavy duty roller table


Cosen AH-250H
Rectangular capacity 280mm x 250mm
Round capacity 250mm
Blade size 3505 x 34 x 1.1
Blade speed range 20-100 m/min
Height of work bed 650mm
Coolant pump 1/8HP
Hydraulic pump 1HP
Motor 3HP
Nett weight 1600kg
Floor space 2010 x 1950 x 1750mm
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